Twin Bump Progression

To all my twin mamas to be (and anyone else remotely interested in watching the progression of my ginormous twin belly), I have compiled all my twin bump updates together in one spot for you!

As I’ve shared before, I remember what it’s like when you first find out that you’re expecting twins…Once that initial shock wears off, you want to know EVERYTHING about what to expect and how you’re going to look and what is going to happen. Or at least I did.

I started taking these photos as soon as I had something even remotely close to a “bump” (14 weeks) and the last photo was taken on the day my twin girls were born (37 weeks exactly).

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Did I go into labor spontaneously?

-No, however I delivered on a Monday and had been contracting all weekend and was SUPER anxious about when it was going to happen. We had an appt that Monday and ultimately delivered bc one of the babies fluid level had dropped (full birth story coming soon).

Vaginal or C-section?

– C-section. Being a labor and delivery nurse I would have totally been up for the challenge of delivering the twins vaginally; however, baby A was breech pretty much from the start so that wasn’t an option for us.

Stretch marks?

-Stretch marks have a lot to do with genes and my mom didn’t get them so I was hopeful I wouldn’t, but once I hit 32 weeks or so my belly got too big and I ended up with quite a few (despite rubbing all sorts of oils and creams on frequently).

How big were your girls at birth?

– 6 pounds 2 ounces and 6 pounds 4 ounces ☺️

Did you have any preterm labor or contractions?

-Yes…around 33 weeks I had very regular contractions and ended up on magnesium in the hospital. I ended up getting to be discharged and remained on bedrest from 33-36 weeks but thankfully made it all the way to 37 weeks in the end.

I will share my birth stories for all of my girls soon but feel free to comment below with any other questions!

Have a great weekend loves!



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