Harper’s Floral First Birthday

You know when you throw a party in your home and you do all of this work and spend hours cleaning and hustling and decorating and prepping….and then after the party everything is a mess again? And now you have no energy left to clean it all up. Yep. That’s where I’m at 😂. So here I sit on the couch with a house full of flowers. However, it was the BEST time and my heart is so full. We are truly blessed to have so many family and friends that love our girls so well and show up for them again and again.

I chose a floral theme for Harper, first because it matches the theme of her nursery, and second just because it’s pretty 💕🌸.

PRO TIP: For Harper’s smash cake I simply ordered a double layer 6″ vanilla cake with smooth white buttercream icing from our local grocery store (H-E-B). $13 🙌🏼. I added some fresh flowers and greenery to the top as well as a “one” cake topper (amazon). Super easy and pretty!

And for the guests I ordered a mix of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and did a mix of light pink, dark pink, and white buttercream frosting.

I spread the cupcakes out on a mixture of coordinating platters and surrounded them with sprigs of fresh greenery.

I have an assortment of mason jars that I use for almost every party//shower//birthday that I throw and it makes displaying fresh flowers so easy and cute! You can also tie twine or ribbon around them or put some fruit like lemons in the water to dress it up some.

For Harper’s high chair skirt I made a tulle tutu (tons of easy DIYs on this on Pinterest) and I actually hot glued it directly to the high chair. This is our older high chair so we’re pretty much done with it but I also think it will be fairly easy to get the glue off. I also got glued the greenery and flowers to the top and the “one” sign (Amazon). It all held together so nicely!

I ordered several of these 36″ white balloons to place around the house and wanted to make a flower and greenery “tail” for all of them but this ended up taking forever. I hot glued the individual flowers and greenery sprigs to a string that I attached to the balloon. Next time I would probably buy a garland strand of greenery so I didn’t have to use individual pieces.

These floral hoops definitely stole the show and were my favorite part for sure! Check out my recent blog post HERE on how I made these beauties! (Pssst super easy!) I hung these from command hooks using clear fishing line.

Lastly, I made these fun hanging flower features and put them over the two windows in our dining room. I think it was a fun whimsical addition to the party! I literally just went driving around our neighborhood to find these sticks, trimmed the roots off, and tied varying silk flowers and greenery (hobby lobby) using clear fishing line. It took some time to tie all of the knots but I think it was worth it. I’m literally one of those people that just can’t throw a little party or just do a few decorations… But I truly do enjoy it…even if it makes me a crazy lady every single time 🤪.

Country Vixen Boutique made this precious “All About Me” birthday poster for Harper and I love it because it highlights all the things we love about her! You can find her website HERE.

And now just a few more photos of my sweet little lady. Harper we love you so much baby girl! On your first birthday you weigh 19lbs and you are 28 inches tall. You wear size 6-12month or 12 month clothes. You can say Dada, Mama, Dog, and WaWa (water). You are taking about 5 steps at a time now. You can clap, wave, give high 5s and sign “all done”. Your favorite things are to play with your sisters and your Daddy, you love water, you growl all the time which is hilarious, you have recently started bouncing (dancing) all the time and you are becoming a pro at the open mouth kisses! 😍

Harper’s outfit is from Better Baby Boutique. You can find their website HERE. As well as on Instagram! Her bow is a hand-me-down from big sisters and it is from Jameson Monroe. You can find her website HERE, and I believe these bows are on sale for $5 right now!

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Have a great week friends and thank you for reading!

All the love,



  1. Jamey J Hanson
    September 23, 2018 / 9:05 pm

    Beautiful Decorations, Sarah!! Harper is a Lucky girl to have you as her mommy!! You are so crafty! Happy 1st Birthday sweet granddaughter! We Love You ….Lolly & Pop

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