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One of the most commonly asked questions I get when people find out we have twins (plus another baby) is: “How did/do you do it??” And my answer is always: “We just do it…” There is simply no other option. Yes, some days it is extremely hard and yes it was crazy having two newborns at once, but you just push through. However, most importantly, you ask for help. You rely on your village around you to support you and help push you through those tough moments. I am a huge advocate for delegation and asking for help when you need it!

As a mom of 3 young kiddos, a wife, a night shift labor and delivery RN, and someone trying to run a blog, I tend to be a little short on time. One of the very first things to fall to the wayside when we are busy (which is always) is the house! You know how the saying goes…we can’t all look good, it’s either the house, myself, or the kiddos; and it’s usually the kids!

When the opportunity to work with Swept Cleaning arose to get my home deep cleaned, I was ALL OVER IT! Who doesn’t need their home deep cleaned?? I am going to share some before and after photos with y’all and lets just say…#nojudgementplease we are all busy and who really has time to deep clean or wipe all the surfaces?? I know some of you are amazing at things like that but I will be the first to admit that cleaning is not my strong suit [trust me my shower does not usually look that shiny 👆🏼]! So check out the photos for yourself and if you are local to the Austin area, check out Swept! You can find their website HERE. They have been so amazing to work with and I would truly recommend them to anyone. And even if you’re not local to Austin, find yourself a good cleaning company and have someone who is good at cleaning come and deep clean your home so you can spend that time doing other things that only you can do!

I think everyone in the family (including the furry members) can breathe easier when the house is clean. And even though the toys everywhere is a constant struggle (new post on toy organization coming soon!!), I love knowing that all of my surfaces and bathrooms and floors are cleaner than they have been since we moved in! Scroll down for the before and after photos 🙈…

Find out more info about Swept at

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