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Have you ever heard of Beddy’s Bedding? I hadn’t until I stumbled across them on Instagram and {I know this sounds dramatic but} I feel like I can truly say our lives have changed since bringing Beddy’s into our home…


My twins love to make their own bed and when their room feels clean and tidy; however, making their bed was always a 15 minute ordeal. Plus, lets be honest at 4 years old unless I was helping them it never looked great. The other struggle is that Emery’s bed is pushed up against the wall, making it even MORE difficult for her (let alone me) to make the bed!


Enter Beddy’s, a company owned by 2 moms who wanted to find a solution to making their kids beds. Beddy’s is an entire bedding set that comes all in one piece. It has zippers on both sides along the entire length of the bed (so the top piece CAN be completely removed if you want to), and the whole thing fits on the bed like a fitted sheet!IMG_5867.jpeg

Once Beddy’s is on the bed you just zip up the sides to make the bed, it literally could not be faster or easier. My girls favorite part is the cozy minky interior (however they do have all cotton options) and the comfort panels that come out of the sides to cover the zipper and extend coverage.

IMG_5871.jpegBeddy’s has deep pocket sides (up to 15 inches deep) to accommodate almost any size mattress and elastic around the entire bottom to help hold it secure on the bed.


I made a quick little video for y’all to show you how easy it is:

One more thing, Beddy’s is not only for kids, they have tons of styles for adults too! I got the twins their gorgeous chic white design. For more info and to see all of their beautiful designs, head to their website


Stay tuned to see the rest of the twin’s bedroom redesign and all of the linked details in a new blog post coming soon!


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