The Easiest Way to Freshen Up a Room

When my twins started telling me that they didn’t think their toddler beds were “big girl beds”, I knew it was probably time for a room refresh. Their walls were already painted pink and I did not have it in me to repaint the whole room (plus at this point they do still like pink!). I started searching online for a way I could “refresh” the room without having to repaint. When I came across these gorgeous Peony Flower wall decals from Rocky Mountain Decals I absolutely fell in love.

Peonies were the primary flower we used in our wedding so I have always had an affection for them, and the detail in these decals is incredible. They come in individual flowers and leaves so you get to pick how you arrange the flowers to create a gorgeous impact. The best part? They’re removable! So you aren’t committing to anything permanent and if you change your mind about placement, you just move them!

I was so impressed with how easy they were to install (literally just peel off, stick on the wall, and smooth them out!). And we have had them up for a little over a month and they are showing absolutely no signs of peeling off. My girls absolutely adore them and so do I.

So if you are looking for a fun and easy way to refresh your own room, check out Rocky Mountain Decals! They have SO many gorgeous options to choose from from small decals to entire wallpaper selections. You can find their website HERE!

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