Labor Tip Tuesday: Braxton Hicks vs. True Labor Contractions

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Braxton Hicks VS True labor contractions; True vs False Labor; How do I know it's true labor ; when to go to the hospital

Today we are talking all about CONTRACTIONS: Braxton Hicks vs. True Labor.

One of the most common questions we get in the hospital is how do I know when it’s actually labor?? Braxton Hicks contractions are what most people call “False Labor” or practice contractions. They are your body’s way of preparing for labor and they are perfectly normal! 

To most people, Braxton Hicks contractions feel light tightening in your belly or maybe some mild menstrual cramps. They are also usually not very regular and tend to go away if you drink plenty of water, maybe take a bath, or just sit back and rest and relax. 

True labor contractions on the other hand, are truly quite painful and very regular in pattern. They tend to start out farther apart but as time goes on they get closer and closer together until they are at least 5 minutes apart or less; and no matter what you do (hydration, bath, rest) they do not go away. They also feel stronger over time. 

Braxton Hicks VS True labor contractions; True vs False Labor; How do I know it's true labor ; when to go to the hospital

So what do I do if I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions?

Well if they’re not bothering you? Nothing really. If they are uncomfortable: make sure you’re staying super hydrated, spend some time resting if you can, decrease your physical activity, and just be happy your body is doing what it’s supposed to do to help prepare for true labor! 

And what about when I DO start having true labor contractions??

GREAT! If you’re full term pregnant (37+ weeks) then yay! Your baby is on the way! Start timing the contractions (there’s tons of free apps for this!) and when they are at least 5 minutes apart or less, for at least an hour, AND strong enough that you cannot walk or talk when they’re happening (<– this is the MOST IMPORTANT part), that is a good time to head on into the hospital or wherever you are planning to give birth! Congrats Mama!

Any other labor, pregnancy, or really any questions at all, drop them below! Happy Laboring, Mamas!

Braxton Hicks VS True labor contractions; True vs False Labor; How do I know it's true labor ; when to go to the hospital

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