Baby Registry MUST HAVES & Family Photos Preview

It’s Friday y’all. And I’m just not going to mention the actual date because it is going to be a great day (no bad luck here!). As I’m sure is the same for you, this week and this month and this season is so fast and furious for us. I am simply focusing on “the next right thing” to quote Anna from Frozen II. (We finally took the girls to see it and I’m not sure who loved it more, me or them!). Last week we were lucky enough to spend some time with Tracy from Tracy Nicole Photography and I have a preview of our photos for you! PLUS a fun freebie download that I created for you! So read on friends.

Dresses and Shoes from FabKids, Vests from Mud Pie, Bows from WithLoveDJP

I am so excited to share this freebie that I created for you that is all about the MUST HAVES for your baby registry list! I combined my own personal and professional knowledge with the input from the amazing women in my Childbirth Prep & Beyond Facebook group (which is now over 1000 women and if you are not already a part of it join us HERE!) and put it into a beautiful, free PDF download for you complete with photos and direct links. I hope you LOVE it and you can download it for FREE by CLICKING HERE!

Quick random story I have to share. The twins kept asking us to put Christmas lights up outside so we finally did get some up on the trees. Then, we got a note from a neighbor letting us know he had some extra lights if we need them…😂💀 Dusty texted me a picture of the note after a ridiculously long night at the hospital saying “Apparently our neighbor thinks we’re the Grinch” and literally all I could do was laugh. #JustDoingTheBestWeCanBuddy

Now just get ready for these photos…😍

My first ladies. I cannot believe how big and beautiful they are.
Tracy Nicole Photography
Thankful for this guy who is always our anchor especially amidst the chaos.
Tracy Nicole Photography

If you’re as obsessed with the girls’ dresses as I am, you can find them on Amazon HERE (p.s. they’re less than $20!)

Tracy Nicole Photography
So. Much. Fun.
Tracy Nicole Photography

Don’t worry there’s more to come! I’m pretty sure I will eventually have to share all of them with you because I love them that much! If anyone has any photography or film needs make sure to reach out to Tracy (Find her HERE)! I absolutely LOVED working with her!


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