A Freshful Start

This post is sponsored by Gerber and all opinions are my own. 

Do you ever feel like you wish you had more time or energy to prepare fresh, nutritious foods for your baby or toddler? However, it seems that with each additional child I have, that becomes less and less of a possibility (#thirdchildproblems). Add nightshift nurse and blogger on top of Mom of 3 and my girls are lucky if we only have frozen nuggets once a week!

When I found out about the Freshful Start™ by Gerber at Walmart, I was so excited to have something convenient AND nutritious to offer my little one! Freshful Start™ has a variety of entrees that are age-appropriate from Homestyle Purees (6+months) to Veggie Entree Bowls (12+ months) and they are all available at Walmart. They are in the refrigerated section of the baby food aisle!

Freshful Start™ entrees are everything a busy mama is looking for: homemade taste, always organic, no preservatives, no artificial colors/flavors and SO convenient! Simply warm and serve. It is truly something that children love and moms can feel good about giving to them (win-win!). 

Next time you are at Walmart, look for Freshful Start™ in the refrigerated section of the baby food aisle. You are going to love that mealtime for your little is one LESS thing to worry about (keeping them alive and halfway dressed is enough isn’t it??) And you will definitely be scoring major Mom-Points for providing the homestyle, nutrition full of organic ingredients! 


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