Breast Aug | One Week Post-Op Update

Wow guys, it has been a hot second since I updated you on the blog! As I’m sure is the same for you all, times are so WEIRD right now. You know with COVID, and the media, and the politics. I have been laying low and staying busy…

Oh you know…Just icing the ladies!

BUT, what better time to update you than 1 week after my Breast Augmentation (or “Boob Job” to be a little more casual). If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, you know last Monday I had my boobs done by Dr. Franco (@AustinPlasticSurgeon)! I wanted to be totally transparent about the whole experience with y’all to help get rid of some of the stigma that comes along with plastic surgery. I was lucky enough to breastfeed all 3 of my girls… but that, combined with the inflation and deflation that comes with pregnancy; let me just say, ‘the girls’ needed some SERIOUS help.

I am a huge believer in making time for yourself and doing things for yourself as a mom. This was something I did FOR ME because it makes me feel good in my skin and has been a great confidence booster. If plastic surgery isn’t your thing, that’s cool too! #YouDoYou

So back to the boobs, so far the whole process has been incredibly seamless. Being a nurse, I do feel like I tend to be a little extra skeptical and I did a ton of research before selecting a surgeon. Dr. Franco’s office was super organized with getting me prepped for surgery, pre-filling my prescriptions, at home COVID test pre-surgery (requirement for all surgeries right now), sending reminders, printed out instructions, and more.

Pre-op Appointment

I got to go into the office and try on different sizes before surgery (the fun part) so you can literally SEE what you will look like in a tank top with your new boobs. One of the biggest tips I can share is to come prepared with photos of what you DO and DON’T want. As Dr. Franco always says, “natural” or “subtle” can mean VERY different things to different people. Since I came in with photos, Dr. Franco was able to easily direct me to the exact size I was going for.

Here I am trying on the sizes in the office.

All About the Implants

As for the type of implant, Dr. Franco recommends the newest version of the “gummy bear”, or highly cohesive gel implant. He has covered the different types of implants pretty extensively on his podcast, Plastic Surgery Untold so be sure to check that out. We settled on somewhere between 440 and 500 CC’s. Dr. Franco orders a few different sized implants to have ready for surgery and then during the procedure he actually uses a “sizer” that he fills up before the actual implant goes in to “try on” the size you wanted. Then he literally sits you up during surgery to be 100% sure he is giving you what you wanted and it fits your frame perfectly. We actually ended up doing 470 on one side and 500 on the other to even things out 😉 (surely I’m not the only lopsided lady!?).

Checking out the different implants in the office.

The Big Day

The surgery only took about an hour and then you’re in the recovery room for another hour or so and then you get to go home! Dr. Franco (along with Travis Osborne, one of the CRNAs that he works with regularly) have developed a really awesome medication regimen that makes it [almost literally] painless and [in my case] nausea-free! I do recommend you bring water and a few crackers in the car so you can take your pain meds as soon as you leave the surgery center. If you stay on top of the prescribed meds, you will stay comfortable. The main sensation you will feel is pressure or stretching of the chest muscle that the implant was placed under. But as long as you know to expect that, it’s no big deal.

My hubby snapped this pic of me the day I got home from surgery, snoozing with my ice!

First Week Recovery Tips

The first day or two it is super helpful to have someone there to help you do pretty much everything. Just getting up, getting dressed, eating, or anything that causes you to use your arms much can be difficult at first. However, I was surprised at how quickly I progressed and have been able to do more and more. Now, one week out, I’m almost completely off pain medication (and I am 100% off narcotic pain meds). And I can do pretty much everything on my own. I still have to limit lifting of course and be cautious, but I am excited about how quickly I am already recovering.

The first couple days after surgery the swelling is REAL and you might even think “What the heck these things are huge…”. They just start out super high and tight. However, just over the course of 1 week they have already started to settle down into the pocket and the swelling has already decreased dramatically. Dr. Franco will give you an elastic band that you’ll wear across the top of your boobs for about 2 weeks to help them relax down into the pocket (thankfully its cute and lacey so it just looks like a little camisole sticking out of your shirt). Speaking of shirts, stock up on either comfy rompers or button down/zip up shirts to wear for the first week because raising your arms is NOT something you want to have to do. Trust me.

breast augmentation surgery tips, boob job tips and recovery tips after boob job.
To give you some context, the photo on the Left is 1 day after surgery (and still marked up) and the photo on the Right is 5 days after surgery. You can tell how much they have already decreased in swelling and settled down into the pocket in just 5 days!

This has turned into quite a long update, but I know as I was doing my research, updates like this were SO helpful. Stay tuned for some before and after photos once the swelling has completely resolved! The last tip I will leave you with is this: ICE ICE BABY. I have iced the “tatas” SO many times over the past week. The ice helps soo much even now with the swelling and pain so definitely do not skip this step! I used THESE from amazon and they worked out perfectly. And of course, if you are considering having ANYTHING done in the plastic surgery realm, I highly recommend you use Dr. Franco (you can find his website HERE). He has people travel from ALL OVER to come see him. Check out his Instagram HERE where he shares tons of awesome videos from surgery! Dr. Franco has been so great about listening to my concerns, answering my questions, never rushing me, and helping me to feel super comfortable in what could be a super uncomfortable situation.

As always, if y’all have questions feel free to send me a DM on Instagram (@DeliveringMotherhood) or shoot me an email at I’m an open book and am more than happy to answer your questions. Stay safe out there friends!

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