Biscuits & Pioneer Country Sausage Gravy (sharing my time saving secrets)

One of our favorite parts about the holidays is making big breakfasts at home as a family. My go to holiday breakfast? Biscuits and gravy! But, when you’re busy opening presents or spending time with family, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen all morning slaving over the stove!

Want to know my secret? Pioneer Country Gravy and your favorite biscuits (hey if they’re out of a can I am NOT judging!). One of my favorite recipes is JoJo’s biscuits from the Magnolia cookbook and to save time, you can make the dough the night before and store it in the fridge for the next morning. I love Pioneer gravy because it’s scratch-made quality you can count on, ready for your personal touch!

When you’re ready, pop your biscuits in the oven and whip up the Pioneer Country Gravy! It Is SO easy. Bring some water to a boil, mix the gravy packet with some cool water, and mix into the boiling water until thickened.

Want to bring it to the next level (duh)?? Add some breakfast sausage, and serve over your favorite biscuits. Done and DONE! So good and perfect for your holiday mornings with the family!

Make sure to grab some Pioneer gravy (don’t forget they have several different varieties to choose from) the next time you’re at the store so you’re always prepared (or check out their website HERE)! Happy Holidays friends!


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